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Artists in Residency

Our full school program includes progressive projects for your students as well as collaborative art to remain at the school.

Booking now for 2024!


Creative Adventures Caravan offers in-class workshops in kiln fired glass. Each workshop includes all materials, tools, and firings! We begin our workshops by teaching the students technique. We then allow the students to explore their creative expression while constructing their individual projects.Fused glass workshops can add an exciting element to your classroom. Each workshop is developed with distinct learning outcomes and tailored to fit grade specific curriculum.

Our team of 4 glass artists have been teaching art to people of all ages for over 25 years! Our easy going relaxed approach delights both students and teachers. Each instructor enters the classroom with an encouraging attitude and the belief that creativity is a natural childhood state. Through their supportive instruction they ensure that all of the students feel successful!

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Pre book your school with confidence. 

We never charge booking fees or cancelation fees. 

We are pre-booking now for 2023/2024

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