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Fathers Day 

Introduce your students to the world of fused art glass. Projects will explore working with sheet glass, frit, stringers, iridescent glass and more. The focus is on individual creativity with stunning results. Basic glass workshops for schools are $14.50 Book three or more classes at the same school on the same day and the cost will drop to $13.50.(min 15 students per class) Prices do not include GST.


Target grades: Grade 3 and up

Students build their own design using the 7 pieces of a tangram! We bring dozens of tangram solutions for students to pick from, or they can create their own. This is a great class to make Mothers Day or Fathers day gifts, as students can pick designs that suit their parents!

Each child makes one hanger.

Hot Air Balloon

Target grades: A great class for all grade levels

This is a super fun design to do for Fathers Day! Our older students build a Hot Air Balloon from the 7 pieces of a tangram, while the younger students build theirs from more basic shapes. In this class, we focus on building pattern and design details on to the balloon.

Each child makes one hanger.

Bug Magnets

Target grades: Great for all ages

This fun class is perfect for the Spring! Students create bugs from their imagination using colored art glass then bring them to life with details of stringer glass and frit.

Each child makes a set of 3!

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