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Mothers Day 

NEW! Jewelry and Keychain

Target grades: A great class for all grade levels

You asked, and we developed! 

By popular demand, we have created a combo workshop with a gift for both Mom and Dad! In this workshop, the students will create a necklace for Mom, a sturdy glass keychain for Dad, and a magnet to keep! 

 Introduce your students to the world of fused art glass. Projects will explore working with sheet glass, frit, stringers, iridescent glass and more. The focus is on individual 

creativity with stunning results.

Basic glass workshops for schools are $14.50 Book three or more classes at the same school on the same day and the cost will be $13.50 (min 15 students per class) Prices do not include GST.


Mothers Day Flower Garden

Target grades: Kindergarten and Division 1

This delightful project invites your students to create their own flowers using cut glass, crushed glass and stringer. Every project will reflect the individual child!

Each child makes one hanger.



Target grades: A great class for all grade levels

This well-loved workshop has been one of our most popular for over 10 years! The open ended design concept allows students from kindergarten all the way up to grade 12 to enjoy this workshop because the design becomes more intricate the older the student is. 

There is the option of making the butterfly from the elements of a Tangram for division 2 students.


Each child makes one hanger.

Rainbow Fish

Target grades: Kindergarten and grade 1

In this class, we read the classic book “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, and then each student builds their own version of a rainbow fish using colored glass, stringer, and frit. 

This class is presented with the permission of Marcus Pfister.



Each child makes one hanger.

Zen Doodle Art

Target grades: Great for all ages.

Inspired by the creativity of zen doodling, this class allows the students a bit more freedom in the creative process. The students build an abstract design focused on color, pattern, and repetition. During this class, students learn how color can express emotion or ideas in abstract artwork. Our favorite part of this class is seeing the completely unique creation that each student makes!

Each child makes one hanger.


Bugs Magnets

Target grades: Kindergarten and Division 1

This fun class is perfect for the Spring! Students create bugs from their imagination using colored art glass then bring them to life with details of stringer glass and frit. 

Each child makes 3 bugs


Designer Jewelry


Target grades:Division 2, JR and SR High.

This advanced workshop focuses on the 6 elements of design – the line, the shape, the color, the texture, the value, and the space. Students will spend time designing their 2 pieces while experimenting with different layers before completing their project. 

This session includes reactive glass and many forms of specialty glass. 

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